Luca Tiberti et Marco Tiberti publieront un article dans la revue Journal of Development Studies

9 Novembre 2016

Dans un article à paraître dans la revue Journal of Development Studies, Luca Tiberti et Marco Tiberti (World Bank) étudient les effets de la hausse des prix alimentaires sur le bien-être des ménages en Tanzanie à l’aide d’un modèle marginal et un modèle qui permet des ajustements dans la consommation, production et offre de travail. Voici l’abstrait (en anglais) :

The use of a marginal approach can significantly distort the predicted effects of large price variations on monetary welfare over the medium-to-longer-term. This paper aims at shading some light on the differences between a marginal approach and a non-separable agricultural household model with behavioural responses. When behavioural adjustments are allowed, households can adapt their consumption and production patterns by resulting in lower deteriorations in household welfare. The second-order effects introduced in the approach with responses reduce the negative effects due to the first-order consumption effects, with significant differences across quintiles. On average, the second-order effects represent up to roughly 40% of total first-order effects.