Bernard Fortin et Guy Lacroix publient un article conjointement écrit avec Julie Beugnot et Marie-Claire Villeval dans la revue European Economic Review

30 Janvier 2019

Bernard Fortin et Guy Lacroix ont publié un article dans la revue European Economic Review écrit conjointement avec Julie Beugnot de l’Université de Franche-Comté et Marie-Claire Villeval de l’Université Lyon-II.

L’article est intitulé: Gender and Peer Effects on Performance in Social Networks.


We investigate whether peer effects at work differ by gender and whether the differences -if any- depend on work organization. We develop a social network model with gender heterogeneity that we test using a real-effort laboratory experiment. We compare unidirectional networks (with a one-way information flow) and bidirectional networks (with a two-way information flow). Our results are consistent with the hypothesis that competitive rivalry is the basic mechanism through which peer effects influence individuals’ behavior. Males and females behave differently. The former are influenced by their peers in both types of networks whereas the latter are indifferent to their peers’ performance in bidirectional networks. An interpretation is that females perceive the bidirectional networks as being more competitive.

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