Arnaud Dufays publiera dans Econometric Reviews

26 Février 2018

Arnaud Dufays (professeur adjoint au Département d'économique) et Jeroen Rombouts publieront un article intitulé "Sparse Change-point HAR Models for Realized Variance", dans la revue Econometric Reviews.

Voici un résumé de l'article :

Change-point time series specifications constitute flexible models that capture unknown structural changes by allowing for  switches in the model  parameters. Nevertheless most models suffer from an over-parametrization issue since typically only one latent state variable drives the switches in all parameters. This implies that  all parameters have to change when a break happens. To gauge whether and where there are structural breaks in realized variance, we introduce the sparse change-point HAR model. The approach controls for model parsimony by limiting the number of parameters which evolve from one regime to another. Sparsity is achieved thanks to employing a nonstandard shrinkage prior distribution.  We derive a Gibbs sampler for inferring the parameters of this process. Simulation studies illustrate the excellent performance of the sampler. Relying on this new framework, we study the stability of the HAR model using realized variance series of  several major international indices between January 2000 and August 2015.