Guy Lacroix publiera une étude avec un groupe de médecins du CHUL de l’université Laval et de l’Université McGill dans la revue American Journal of Perinatology

15 Janvier 2018

Marc Beltempo, Karin Clement, Guy Lacroix, Sylvie Bélanger, Anne-Sophie Julien et Bruno Piedboeuf (2018) publieront un article intitulé : "Association of Resident Duty Hour Restrictions, Level of Trainee and Number of Available Residents with Mortality in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit", dans la revue American Journal of Perinatology.

Voici un résumé de l'article :

We assess the impact of resident duty hours reform according to which maximum consecutive hours worked decreased from 24 to 16 hours.  We investigate its impact on  hours worked by residents in the NICU,  on  the level of trainee in the NICU, the number of residents (and their qualification) present at admission on mortality.  We use a 6-year retrospective cohort study including all pediatric residents working in a Level 3 NICU (N = 185) and infants admitted in the NICU (N=8159).  We find that the reduction in maximum consecutive hours worked was associated with a significant reduction of the median yearly total hours worked per resident in the NICU and early mortality. Neither the level of trainee nor the number of residents present at admission  were associated with mortality.