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Professeur adjoint


Bureau : DeSève 2170
Téléphone : 418 656-2131 poste 6737


Formation universitaire

Ph.D. in Development Economics, University of Florence, Italy

Curriliculum Vitae

Directeur de recherche du groupe de recherche "Analyse micro non-expérimental" (PMMA) du Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)


Domaines de recherche

Économie du développement, pauvreté



  • Cockburn, J., V. Robichaud and L. Tiberti (2017) (A paraître/forthcoming), "Energy Subsidy Reform and Poverty in Arab Countries: A Comparative CGE-Microsimulation Analysis of Egypt and Jordan", Review of Income and Wealth
  • Duclos, J.-Y., L. Tiberti and A. Araar (2016) (A paraître/forthcoming), "Targeting multidimensional poverty", Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • Tiberti, L. and M. Tiberti (2018) , "Food price changes and household welfare: what do we learn from two different approaches?", Journal of Development Studies, 54(1): 72-92 en savoir plus
  • Roth, V. and L. Tiberti (2017) , "Economic Effects of Migration on the Left-Behind in Cambodia", Journal of Development Studies, 53(11), 1787-1805
  • Cockburn, J., H. Maisonnave, V. Robichaud and L. Tiberti (2016) , "Fiscal space and public spending on children in Burkina Faso", International Journal of Microsimulation, 2016, 9(1), 5-23
  • Cooke, E., S. Hague, L. Tiberti, J. Cockburn and A. El Lahga (2016) , "Estimating the impact on poverty of Ghana’s fuel subsidy reform and a mitigating response", Journal of Development Effectiveness, 8(1), 105-128
  • Duclos, J.-Y. and L. Tiberti (2016) , "Multidimensional poverty indices: A critical assessment", Oxford Handbook of Well-Being and Public Policy , M.D. Adler and M. Fleurbaey
  • Tiberti, L. and M. Tiberti (2015) , "Rural Policies, Price Change and Poverty in Tanzania: an Agricultural Household Model-Based Assessment", Journal of African Economies, 24(2), 193-229

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