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Adjunct Professor

Contact information

Office : DeSève 2156
Phone : 418 656-2131 ext 2756

E-mail : john.cockburn@ecn.ulaval.ca


University training and professionnal qualifications

Ph.D. (University of Oxford)
Curriculum vitae


Research fields

  • Development economics
  • Child well-being
  • Poverty

Selected Publications

  • Cooke, E., S. Hague, L. Tiberti, J. Cockburn and A. El-Lhaga (2016) (A paraître/forthcoming), "Estimating the Impact on Poverty of Ghana’s Fuel Subsidy Reform and a Mitigating Response", Journal of Development Effectiveness more information
  • Cockburn, J, C. Emini and L. Tiberti (2014) , "Impacts of the global economic crisis and national policy responses on children in Cameroon", Canadian Journal of Development Studies, vol. 35, Issue 3, pages 396-418 more information
  • Cockburn, J, J. Duclos and A. Zabsonré (2014) , "Is global social welfare increasing? A critical-level enquiry", Journal of Public Economics, volume 118, October, pp. 151-162
  • Cockburn, J.; Duclos, J.-Y.; Zabsonré, A. (2014) , "Is Global Social Welfare Increasing ? a Critical-Level Enquiry", Journal of Public Economics, vol. 118, October, pp. 151-162
  • Cockburn, John, Luc Savard and Luca Tiberti (2014) , "Macro-micro models", Handbook of Microsimulation Modelling , C. O’Donoghue , Emerald Insight, Bingley, United Kingdom
  • Batana, Y., J. Cockburn and M. Bussolo (2013) , "Global extreme poverty rates for children, adults and the elderly", Economics Letters, Volume 120, Issue 3, Pages 405–407 more information
  • Batana, Y.; Cockburn, J.; Bussolo, M. (2013) , "Global Extreme Povery Rates for Children, Adults and the Elderly", Economics Letters, vol. 120, no 3, September, pp. 405-407
  • Cockburn, J., J-Y. Duclos and A. Zabsonré (2013) , "Qualité et quantité” des vies humaines : quel arbitrage entre croissance économique et croissance démographique?", Revue d’économie du développement, vol. 27, no. 2/3, pp. 149-169 more information

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