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Jean-Yves DUCLOS


Contact information

Office : DeSève 2170
Phone : 418 656-7096

E-mail: jean-yves.duclos@ecn.ulaval.ca


University training and professionnal qualifications

Ph.D. (London School of Economics)
Curriculum vitae


Research fields

  • Public economics
  • Development economics
  • Labor economics

Selected Publications

  • Bibi, Sami; Duclos, Jean-Yves; Araar, A. (A paraître/forthcoming), "Taxation and Welfare", Social Choice and Welfare more information
  • Duclos, J.-Y.; Makdissi, P.; Araar, A. (A paraître/forthcoming), "Pro-Poor Indirect Tax Reforms, with an Application to Mexico", International Tax and Public Finance more information
  • Duclos, J.-Y.; Zabsonré, A. (A paraître/forthcoming), "Social Evaluations when Populations Differ in Size", Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d'économique more information
  • Cockburn, J.; Duclos, J.-Y.; Zabsonré, A. (2014) , "Is Global Social Welfare Increasing ? a Critical-Level Enquiry", Journal of Public Economics, vol. 118, October, pp. 151-162
  • Clavet, N.-J.; Duclos, J.-Y.; Lacroix, G. (2013) , "Fighting Poverty: Assessing the Effect of Guaranteed Minimum Income Proposals in Québec", Analyse de politiques/Canadian Public Policy, vol. 39, no 4, pp. 491-516 more information
  • Cockburn, J.; Duclos, J.-Y.; Zabsonré, A. (2013) , ""Qualité et quantité" des vies humaines: quel arbitrage entre croissance économique et croissance démographique ?", Revue d'économie du développement, vol. 27, no 2/2, pp. 149-169 more information
  • Duclos, Jean-Yves (2013) , "Review of 'Debates on the Measurement of Global Poverty'", Economica , Sudhir Anand, Paul Segal and Joseph Stiglitz, Oxford University Press, vol. 80, no 317, pp. 192-193 more information
  • Kabubo-Mariara, Jane; Araar, A. et Jean-Yves Duclos (2013) , "Multidimensional Poverty and Child Well-being in Kenya", Journal of Developing Areas, vol. 47, no 2, pp. 109-137 more information

Research Projects

SIMUL: a research program on simulation of impact of social policy

Web page: http://simul.ca

Non-technical papers:


Software :

DAD : A software for distributive analysis/ Un logiciel pour l'analyse distributive

Web page: http://dad.ecn.ulaval.ca


Critique of DAD:

DASP : Distributive Analysis for Stata Package

Web page : http://dasp.ecn.ulaval.ca

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